Celebrate the Healing Power of Tea With Our Sun’s Organic Garden Chinatown Collection

Tea has been a venerable mainstay of Chinese culture for thousands of years, whether it’s served at dim sum or the comfort of your own home,  and its therapeutic benefits have been well documented during this time. That’s why we partnered with Sun’s Organic Garden for our latest Made in Chinatown collection, a charming store located at 79 Bayard Street in NYC’s Chinatown which boasts over 1,000 loose-leaf teas & herbs (mostly wild or organic) and serves as a cultural center for people from all over to learn about its various health benefits.

Our collection for Sun’s Organic Garden Chinatown places tea at the forefront of each design, emphasizing the whimsical vibes and countless jars of tea and herbs found inside the store. Our lead designer, Harry Trinh, focused on three pieces for the collection: a poster, mug, and tote bag

Throughout the collection the designer wanted to weave “magical” elements of the retail environment into the designs. The store is often noted by customers for its “Diagon Alley” feel, a reference to the Harry Potter series. Throughout the collection, “floating” tea leaf motifs repeat on all the pieces. 

The poster is inspired by the glass jars of tea leaves lining the walls of the little shop and doubles as a clever infographic. This piece is filled with details inspired by the store like the hanging double luck Chinese knot, the soup spoon to measure out tea leaves, and the ornate cloisonne business card holder. This hand illustrated piece also features information about various types of tea and some of Sun’s favorites from their collection.  The poster comes in two sizes: 30cm x 40cm and 50cm x 70cm. The designer suggests mounting the poster using a poster hanger.

The mug is as cute as it is useful, featuring recommended brew times and temperatures for different types of tea. Lastly, the tote bag highlights the shop’s packaging and features a quote from owner Natalie Hsieh — “To your health!” — a nod to the little handwritten notes and tips she usually leaves for customers on the minimalistic zip-top bags holding the tea & herbs.

As always, 100% of profits from our Made in Chinatown collections are donated to small businesses like Sun’s Organic Garden Chinatown, so we thank you for continuing to help us help Chinatown! 

Please follow Sun’s Organic Garden Chinatown on Instagram @sunsorganicgarden. There you can message them to purchase your own high quality healthy tea for both hot and cold brews. To your health! 

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