Wing on Wo & Co. - Quality Porcelain Since 1925

Wing on Wo and Co is the oldest family-run business in Chinatown, dating back to the turn of the century. Mei Lum is a 5th generation store owner and also the leader of the WOW Project. The store went through an evolution of a general store, (at one point had a Chinese Herbalist counter) to now a porcelain store that specializes in both traditional and contemporary designs and also a meeting place for community activism, workshops, and third-space.

Why are they important to the community or what do they serve for the community?
Wing on Wo and Co represents the endurance of our community and also how the next generation can be empowered by their roots and want to give back to the neighborhood. They serve as a meeting ground for friends and family across generations. They are a connection to the past and how the present and future can be for the younger generation. They serve as an active force to continue Chinatown’s legacy.

100% of the profits will go directly to Wing on Wo & Co.
Designed by Harry Trinh