Soft Swerve - Soft Serve Eatery Inspired By Asian Flavors

Jason Liu and Michael Tsang, best friends and co-founders, met and grew up in Chinatown where they worked and went to school together. In 2016, they were inspired by visits to some of their favorite dessert eateries and wondered why they couldn't find locally. With this thought in mind, Jason and Michael took the idea and began experimenting in the kitchen so that they can one day, make some of their favorite desserts more available to the Chinatown/Lower East Side community.

Because the Chinatown childhood experience was so influential to Jason and Michael’s upbringing, they have always made sure to donate ice cream to local public schools’ celebrations and gatherings, to make a joyful community that much sweeter. During Covid-19 “Feed Our Heroes”, Soft Swerve generously donated pints of ice cream to hard-working hospital teams all over NYC.

100% of the profits will go directly to Soft Swerve

Designed by Jenny Acosta