About Made in Chinatown

Made in Chinatown is a program that lets Chinatown small businesses utilize free design services from our team of volunteers to create custom-branded merchandise so they can supplement their income during these uncertain times.

Our talented team of designers, led by Harry Trinh, has graciously donated their time and services so that all participating businesses can freely use these designs as they please, with all revenue going back to them. This is just one small way we’re bringing increased visibility to the struggling businesses in Chinatown and beyond. 

The initiative’s Made in Chinatown moniker is also deliberate — it’s our way of subverting traditionally negative connotations of ‘Made in China’ products and redefining what ‘Made in Chinatown’ means to us: high-quality goods filled with cultural vibrancy designed by hardworking people.

If you’re a small business in Chinatown interested in participating in our Made in Chinatown program, drop us a line through our Contact page.  

As always, we thank you for your continued support in helping Chinatown one business at a time!