A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Soft Swerve Merchandise Collaboration

Soft Swerve

Some might argue ice cream is reserved only for summer months, but we think it’s a year-round affair that everyone can enjoy — especially velvety cones of delicious soft-serve from one of our favorite shops in Chinatown: Soft Swerve.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with them for our latest Made in Chinatown merchandise collection. Conceived by designer Jenny Acosta, the collection is inspired by the store’s diverse customer base and how ice cream can be a means to bring people together from far and wide. To bring this concept to life, Acosta was inspired by the quirky personalities in architectural human figurines, portraits from Humans of New York, the miniature worlds of Tanaka Tatsuya, and the way humans explore outdoor spaces.


She reimagined their signature ube, matcha, and Hong Kong milk tea flavors as mountain peaks sitting atop giant waffle cones with miniature humans hanging out on various nooks and curves of each one. This is all meant to symbolize the tight-knit community that food can nurture. The collection features a T-Shirt, sticker, and fine art print

As always, 100% of proceeds from each Made in Chinatown collection go back to the business and we thank you for continuing to help us help Chinatown!

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