Shop Our Jing Fong & Welcome to Chinatown Merchandise Collections

After announcing our ‘Made in Chinatown’ initiative, a merchandise program from Welcome to Chinatown that provides free design services for Chinatown businesses, we’re excited to launch our first collection with our friends at Jing Fong along with our very own — which you can shop now.

Our amazing design team, led by Harry Trinh, went beyond the traditional tropes associated with Asian cuisine and instead captures the experience of enjoying dim sum at one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in New York City.

The Jing Fong collection features a sweatshirt and tote bag adorned with the simple, yet all-powerful, dim sum stamp card. As the gatekeeper of your meal, it represents an integral part of the dim sum experience and, in some Asian families, could be subject to an intense check-fighting battle. 

 Jing Fong x Made in Chinatown Tee

The T-Shirt is a simple tribute to some of our favorite dim sum dishes and features handwritten lettering and the stamp card motif. But our staff’s favorite might be this gorgeous white and red mug depicting a bustling Jing Fong with its iconic Dragon and Phoenix wall dueling in the backdrop. Perhaps it’s just a reminder of simpler times. 

Our Welcome to Chinatown Collection is a physical representation of our grassroots initiative to support Chinatown restaurants during the pandemic and features our own interpretation of what real takeout looks like. Welcome to Chinatown’s coin motif logo was inspired by the hanging street lights found in Manhattan’s Chinatown. A popular symbol of peace and prosperity, the double coins around the border of the logo represent “double luck” to the wearer.

Check out both collections now at our shop page and stay tuned for more exciting merchandise collaborations to come.

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