Pride Fan Limited Edition
Pride Fan Limited Edition
Made in Chinatown

Pride Fan Limited Edition

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Come celebrate Pride with limited edition Pride Fan designed by guest designer Leanne Gan. Limited to 100 pieces. This is the perfect fan to stay cool and breezy for the summer.

In-store pickup is available at Yu & Me Books at 44 Mulberry Street.

I created this design thinking about my partner and the ways in which we show love to one another as queer asians living in New York. Culturally we both show love through acts of care, whether that’s picking up zong-zi for them from the zong-zi lady in Chinatown or having date nights making each others favorite foods at dumpling wrapping parties or hotpot nights. The fan is an expression of joy and gratitude in being able to both give and receive love in ways that feel uniquely both queer and asian.

 - Leanne Gan

Profits from this piece will go to PFLAG. "the nation’s foremost family-based organization committed to celebrating LGBTQ+ young people and creating a better future for all."

Dimensions:17"x 9"

Materials: Printed Fabric, Wooden handle