Movie Theatre Snack Box with Asian CineVision
Movie Theatre Snack Box with Asian CineVision
Welcome to Chinatown

Movie Theatre Snack Box with Asian CineVision

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A day at the theatre is an experience that has transcended generations with memories grounded in sidestepping your way into a seat, intense emotional rollercoasters filled with gasps, laughter, and crying, and of course — selecting your favorite movie theatre snacks to create the ultimate movie experience.

The Asian American movie experience is no different, and these memories were an integral part of Manhattan Chinatown’s historical Chinese language theatres that have since shuttered their doors: Music Palace (early 1970s-2000, Sun Sing Theatre (1950-1993), Pagoda Theatre (1964-1992), and Rosemary Theatre (1992-1996). Chinatown residents have nostalgic memories of attending the theatre, whether going to see the Chinese opera or the latest Hong Kong melodramas at two tickets for $6. 

This nostalgia and yearning for institutions that exclusively celebrated foreign films and cultural awareness is what inspired Welcome to Chinatown’s Theatre Deluxe Snack Box. We’ve reimagined the popcorn and candy to be a blend of Asian snacks our parents used to have at the theatre and a fun take on American movie theatre classics, while sourcing everything from Chinatown to keep core to our mission of supporting Chinatown’s small businesses. 

Items included in the box: 
  • black sesame paste for DIY black sesame ice cream - Soft Swerve
  • lychee rose black tea - Sun’s Organic Garden
  • mango or lychee sparkling water - Sanzo
  • mini mooncake with white lotus seed - Fay Da
  • two stickers from the Asian snacks sticker pack - The Bao Bae Shop
  • dried squid (Grand Century Market)
  • bubble tea mochi (Grand Century Market)
  • two packs of assorted Japanese candy (Tokyo Mart)
  • miniature Chinese opera mask (Leekan Designs)
All profit from this box will go towards Welcome to Chinatown’s Longevity Fund, a relief fund exclusively for Manhattan Chinatown’s small businesses, like the shuttered theatres, that are the microcosm of the community.

Now, sit back, relax, and snack on that dried squid while you watch Asian CineVision’s 43rd Asian American International Film Festival. And maybe share. You probably won’t want to.

Enjoy the show,
Welcome to Chinatown

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